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Buying Marijuana Seeds in United States 2018

Everything you have to know before buying marijuana seeds online in USA.

The United States is in an interesting situation in mid-2016 regarding its cannabis laws. Many marijuana supporters are anticipating major legal changes in November of this year when the presidential election will occur. Depending who wins the race, the legal status of cannabis and buying cannabis seeds in the U.S. may change on a federal level. Of course, there are differences between states regarding laws on weed to consider too. Here is more about U.S. cannabis laws (federal and state) in 2018 and how they might change soon.

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Cannabis Seeds USA

In Which U.S. States is it Legal to Use and Buy Cannabis?

Recreational and medical marijuana for adults are legal to use in some U.S. states. They are Washington state, Washington, D.C., Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska, as well as the District of Columbia.

Interestingly, you can use weed for either reason legally in Washington, D.C., but it is illegal to buy it there. In the other states listed above, you can buy and use weed for medical or recreational purposes by law.

For recreational use, the legal quantities vary by state, of course. For example, you can buy or possess up to one ounce of weed in Alaska, while you can possess up to eight ounces in Oregon.

In other states, using and buying medical marijuana is legal, while recreational use is not. These states include Connecticut, California, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Maine.

But, it is important to note that federal cannabis policy is not affected by these changes to state laws. Indeed, using cannabis continues to be a federal offense, as per the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Another consideration is that the scope of the medical marijuana laws varies between states; one state may have stricter regulations on which medical conditions are eligible for cannabis treatment than another state in the U.S.A.

In some states, you can legally possess cannabis oil too, if suffering from specific illnesses. And, obviously, there are states in which there are no laws legalizing weed. Also, you need to know that it is illegal to take any amount of pot over state lines. You can legally drive with pot though if it is in its original package; the optimal place to put it is in the trunk so that it is not misconstrued as being open at any time. It is illegal to drive while under the influence of weed in any U.S. state.

Marijuana Seeds USA

Selling & Growing Cannabis Recreationally: Differences Within the USA

Depending where you go in the United States, you will find different laws on weed cultivation in 2018. For recreational use, an adult (21 years and older) can cultivate up to six marijuana plants in one location under D.C. law, for example. Also, you can transfer up to one ounce of weed as an adult to another adult, but marijuana sales are still illegal there.

Meanwhile, in Oregon, you can only grow up to four plants for recreational reasons. Also, to cultivate at home, you must pay fees, and the marijuana odor must be controlled such that the public does not notice it. Selling cannabis without a license is forbidden there, although you can accept it as a gift in certain situations.

In Alaska, personal cannabis cultivation by state law is restricted to six plants, but only three of them can be flowering at one time. Transfer limits are one ounce, which is the same as in D.C.

Legal Analysis: Medical Marijuana Possession in the U.S.

For patients, knowing medical weed possession laws is important so that you stay compliant. Possession limits vary by state, so be sure to investigate your current location in 2018. Here are a few U.S. state examples.

In New Jersey, where medical cannabis was passed in 2010, you can legally possess two ounces of usable weed for medicinal use at any time. Go to Montana, however, and that amount drops to one ounce. The limits are different, yet again, in Delaware; the legal marijuana limit for patients is six usable ounces.

The legal guidelines differ in New Hampshire, where you can possess two ounces of usable marijuana during a 10-day period by law for medical purposes. A timeframe is also in place for patients in Illinois, who can have 2.5 ounces of usable weed over a 14-day period.

In other states in the USA, you can legally possess a certain number of plants for medical use; be aware that not all states allow for the home growing of cannabis seeds, though. In New Mexico, you can have up to 16 plants, with up to four of them being mature at one time. Go to Vermont, though, and you will see this number cut down to nine, with only two flowering at one time by law.

These examples show that you need to be aware of the legal limits regarding growing cannabis seeds in the state where you reside to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Moving between states means you have to be cognizant of the local laws and also recognize that laws can change quickly. As earlier explained, it is also important to understand the qualifying conditions under the medical weed law in your state, such as those in New Hampshire.

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Buying Cannabis Seeds in the U.S.

Just as the laws regarding using cannabis vary from one U.S. state to another, so do the regulations on buying weed seeds. While you can legally buy enough cannabis seeds to grow six plants at a time locally in Alaska for recreational use, the same is not true in the state of, say, Michigan, where recreational cultivation is not legal at all. So, legality depends on the state in which you live, when you buy the seeds there. If there are marijuana shops in the state where you live for buying cannabis seeds and plants, do ensure you know the limits to stay compliant by law.

Another option is to buy the recreational seeds online. Of course, you should choose a reliable provider who gets positive reviews from consumers on the web, such as:

MSNL - Shipping from London, Ministry of Cannabis sends the weed seeds directly to you and at low prices because they buy directly from Dutch producers. Get high-quality seeds that provide a good crop with a plentiful yield. The only way to buy cannabis seeds through them is by credit card.

Crop King Seeds - Based in Canada, they ship globally and are both a reputable breeder and seed bank. They are discreet, deliver when they say they will do so, and provide high-quality cannabis seeds. There are several ways to pay, from Bitcoin to PayPal or credit cards.

A major benefit of using these three sources for buying cannabis seeds online in 2018 is that they are uniform in strength and quality. When you choose local dispensaries, unfortunately, this consistency is not often found, whether you are buying for medical or recreational purposes.

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Predictions for Changes to Cannabis Laws in the U.S. States

There are some states that we think are more likely to legalize cannabis, including buying cannabis seeds, in the United States. One such state is Nevada. While it took it a while to make medical weed legal, it is probably going to go all the way. After all, it was the first state to get enough signatures to qualify for the 2016 ballot; they gathered about 70,000 more ballots than were needed last December. So, the residents there are going full force to legalize recreational marijuana and are setting their sights on November 2016.

Another sure bet to legalize soon? California. We think they will do so soon because California was the first state to legalize medical weed. This state often is a leader and legalizing recreational use of pot is not likely to be an exception. Speaking of medical marijuana, Maine has a very stable system in place for it and so we think the lawmakers there would do a great job at regulating cannabis use soon.

Unfortunately, some U.S. states are less likely to be relaxing their marijuana laws anytime soon. In Massachusetts, for example, the medical weed system got so messed up with its licensing regulations that it made for big headaches. There might be a small sliver of hope for laws condoning recreational use soon, but we're not willing to hold our breath on that one.

Marijuana Seeds USA

Then & Now: Federal Changes to U.S. Cannabis Laws

Weed was first regulated in 1937 by the United States federal government under the Marijuana Tax Act. The Act prohibited the possession and sale of cannabis. Since then stronger penalties were passed in regards to weed, including the 1952 Boggs Act. In 1970, the Controlled Substances Act created categories for drugs, according to their risk of abuse and medical value. The most restrictive of the classes was Schedule 1, which included cannabis - and still does today. This was the start of President Richard Nixon's war on drugs.

Since then, the movement by different states to medicalize marijuana has been welcomed by some people and criticized by others. However, cannabis - whether for medical or recreational purposes - remains illegal on a federal level.

The 2016 election is likely to result in significant alterations to cannabis legalization. Hillary Clinton has said publicly many times that she wants to reform federal marijuana laws, including focusing federal law officials' efforts on violent crimes rather than simple weed possession and rescheduling cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule II to allow for more research to be done on the health benefits of cannabis. However, it seems like it will be an uphill battle to legalize recreational pot if Hillary gets in the White House.

As for Donald Trump, who is likely to battle Hillary Clinton to the end of the 2016 U.S. Presidential race, he appears to be against cannabis legalization, at least for recreational use. He supports medicinal use of weed, though. So, perhaps Trump might be able to be convinced to reschedule cannabis to allow researchers to research its benefits for human health more easily, but his actions regarding recreational pot are in the air if he becomes President later this year.

Of course, these thoughts on upcoming changes federally to pot laws are only predictions. If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do eventually go head to head, we are curious to see if they will change their stance on federal drug policy, specifically in regards to cannabis.

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The Future of U.S. Laws on Cannabis & Cannabis Seeds

There are speculations that President Obama may reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I drug to Schedule II before he leaves the White House. He has stated that decriminalizing cannabis would save the U.S. a lot of money on incarceration and that prohibition is not beneficial to the country. The reclassification of cannabis would certainly send a clear message that the United States federal government understands the medical value in the substance.

It will be interesting to see how federal marijuana laws change in 2018, given that weed law reform is a hot topic in the presidential year. Reclassification to Schedule II may finally happen. And once a new president is elected, significant changes to recreational marijuana policy may follow suit, depending on the political platform.

In the years to come, more states are likely to legalize medical and recreational cannabis. But, just because some states legalize cannabis, they may not even be close to decriminalizing it; in other words, decriminalization does not necessarily directly follow legalization of the substance. We look forward to updating you as legal changes occur in 2018 and beyond, both at federal and state levels.

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