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Buying Marijuana Seeds in United Kingdom 2018

Everything you have to know before buying marijuana seeds online in UK.

Following Brexit, the United Kingdom is facing a lot of changes. The vote may not only affect its economy but also have consequences for cannabis consumers and potentially lead to the altering of UK marijuana laws. Here are the 2018 laws on buying cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, as well as the legislation on possessing, using, and selling weed. If you are a marijuana enthusiast and live in the island nation or plan to travel there, understanding the laws will help you to stay safe.

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Weed Seeds UK

Brexit and Cannabis Activities in the UK

The Brexit vote results came as a surprise to many people. With England now able to leave the European Union (EU), there are potential implications for those who enjoy cannabis. What may happen is that a ban could be placed on non-EU citizens buying cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, which would now include British people. Such a ban is not outside of the realm of possibility given that the Netherlands recently tried to ban non-Dutch people from using cannabis in their coffee shops.

Of course, the ban might not be allowed; after all, Brussels struck down the ban proposed by the Netherlands on grounds it went against EU human rights laws. Cannabis consumers do have certain protections under EU legislation. But England will no longer be subject to these laws upon leaving the European Union.

Instead, Brits are going to be subject to the laws of elected government members. They will lose protections the EU has provided. And, currently, it appears none of the main political parties in England have plans to legalize weed, so it looks like it will be a long time before any legalization laws are passed there.

As for the rest of the United Kingdom in 2018, they will still enjoy the shelter of the EU laws that focus on drug tolerance and are non-punitive. That being said, drug laws in individual states are not created by the European Union and may have different outlooks.

Marijuana Seeds UK

UK Legislation: The Use, Cultivation, and Sale of Cannabis

As of 1923, cannabis has been illegal in the United Kingdom. This year was when cannabis prohibition was added to the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1920. Then, in 1971, the Misuse of Drugs Act was passed. This particular act redefined drug classification, creating a system of A, B, C classes. Cannabis was deemed a Class B drug, putting it in the same category as amphetamines. The associated criminal sanctions were less than Class A, which included LSD.

With the passing of the Misuse of Drugs Act, cannabis maximum penalties increased, rather than being lowered. The Misuse Act also two new offenses created: the offense of supplying and possession with intent to supply. For cultivation and selling of cannabis, the maximum sentence was 14 years in jail and/or unlimited fines, and this same drug penalty is still active today.

The only reason a person can legally grow cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom is if he or she has a license from the Home Office. Licenses cost £ 580 to obtain and you must complete a criminal records check as well as meet certain guidelines.

Arrests for growing, using, and selling marijuana illegally jumped since 1945 when there were only four arrests, and 1973, a year with more than 14,000 arrests in the United Kingdom. Fast forward to 1994 and the number of cannabis arrests has grown substantially to be 72,392.

Today, in 2018, the push by cannabis supporters is to reclassification cannabis into Class C, which is for less risky drugs than Class B. This change was first proposed by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in 1979.

An adult (18 years and older) charged with growing, using, possessing, or selling cannabis in 2018 in the UK can have property or money confiscated, as per the Drug Trafficking Offenses Act. The law encourages financial institutions to inform the government of clients they suspect may be dealing; in some situations, reporting this information is a requirement by law.

If caught selling cannabis, several factors will be taken into consideration when computing your sentence. Considerations include your criminal history, amount of involvement in the operation, and amount of supply.

Cannabis Seeds UK

Laws on Possessing & Buying Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom

Possessing and buying cannabis seeds in the UK is legal, whether the seeds are hemp or high-cannabinoid. Hemp oil and fiber is also legal. However, the same cannot be said of the possession of cannabis and possession of cannabis with the intention to sell; both of these offenses are illegal in the United Kingdom.

For possession of marijuana, provided you are 18+ years of age, the police have the authority to issue a warning for a first-time offender. The written warning does not appear on Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks by employers or show on the Police National Computer (PNC).

If it is your second possession offense, expect to receive a Penalty Notice of Disorder. In this instance, you will be given a £80 fine right then and there. You must pay the fine within 14 days; failure to do so will result in a mandatory court appearance. For your third offense, you will be arrested and are subject to a court-imposed sentence and potentially a criminal record.

As for the maximum drug penalty for possessing a Class B Drug, which cannabis is, you can be arrested and get five years in prison, a fine in an unlimited amount), or both. The police know this fact but can act in accordance with the first- and second-offense sanctions outlined in the last two paragraphs. In reality, the maximum sentences for cannabis possession are rarely issued by law officials in the UK. Repeat cannabis offenders typically get short prison sentences.

Be aware that the police do not have the right to stop randomly and search you. If an officer stops you and wants to search you or your premises, always ask what are the grounds for doing so. They must have search power and have your consent to the search before entry.

Of course, people do not just have to buy cannabis seeds locally in the UK in 2018. Instead, they often choose to buy weed online as it is convenient and many strains are available this way. However, to get the best weed seeds, using a reputable web-based shop is ideal.

We recommend these three leading providers for buying cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom:

1. MSNL: For high quality, popular strains, MSNL has made quite the name for itself. The cannabis seeds are well-priced, ship internationally from its base in Amsterdam, and they have stealth delivery. Email replies are prompt, you can choose from the most popular strains, and payment is by credit card. No wonder they are a go-to weed provider for many people.

2. Sensi Seeds: In the second spot is Sensi Seeds which is a famous brand owning a lot of Cannabis Cup Winners strains, Shipping to United Kingdom, Based in The Netherlands. It began in 1985, is well thought of in the cannabis community, and accepts credit cards but not Bitcoin.

Please note that it is advisable when buying anything cannabis-related in the UK that you check the current local laws as legislation changes often and may vary, depending where you reside or travel.

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Medical Marijuana in the UK

Medical cannabis is problematic in that the only company that can produce marijuana products for this use is GW Pharmaceuticals. They grow, on average, 20 tonnes a year of the substance and offer it in the form of a drug called Sativex. The issue is that Sativex is available across the EU but is so costly that many areas of the UK do not stock it.

Unfortunately, patients have no other legal medicinal method than Sativex. As a temporary solution, some patients ask their doctors to prescribe them cannabis when they go to other European countries, such as The Netherlands. But, then another problem arises, which is that the Home Office does not allow United Kingdom residents to enter the UK with medical marijuana they got from somewhere else.

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Cannabis Culture in the UK: Movement for Legal Reform

Since 2015, there has been a strong call amongst the people of the UK for amendments to marijuana activities in the eyes of the law. In October 2015, for example, James Richard Owen started an online petition to legalize the use, production, and sale of marijuana there, and the petition even went before Parliament. While the petition was ultimately struck down by the government, it reached 236,995 signatures, which shows it had huge support by UK residents.

About half of the UK currently support cannabis legislative reform (legalization or decriminalization of cannabis possession), according to a 2013 Ipsos poll. In 2018, policy changes regarding marijuana remain a popular topic of public debate. There are many supporters joining United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs to grow the presence of marijuana legalization from one end of the UK to the other.

As per the UK government, legalization would send a negative message to people who are not drug users and who are at risk. However, parliament is not considering that cannabis has the potential to increase significantly revenues like it has done in U.S. states like Colorado. According to one source, the sale of cannabis in UK shops could generate £1bn a year in tax revenue! However, the government claims that in spite of this financial opportunity, the cost of police forces, health services, and related administrative costs would not make legalization worth it.

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The Future of Cannabis: Looking at the UK Legislation

But, it is likely that campaigns for the legalization of weed in the UK are only just beginning. A person need only look at the establishment of the political party CISTA (Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol) to realize that cannabis culture is growing strong. The CISTA Manifesto explains that :It's time for a new, evidence-based political campaigning movement. One that can draw upon and be inspired by the success of drug reform campaigns around the world."

This Manifesto explains that UK cannabis-related legislation goes against the approaches of the rest of the world and the UK risks being left behind. CISTA aims to create support for drug reform, beginning with cannabis, based on evidence. The online document gives examples from many parts of the world, from Portugal to Australia, where deregulation and new cannabis policies have benefited the countries.

In other words, the UK is behind in its public policies toward marijuana. In addition, one might argue that the government is failing in its duty to protect the people of the UK. It fails to do so by not having any standards of control over the drugs that are being widely used in organized crime. As a result, people have access to weed in any amount that is not under standards, which they are using in ways that play with their health.

Concluding Thoughts on United Kingdom Cannabis Laws

Will it become legal locally to buy cannabis in the UK, along with other cannabis activities any time soon? Also, what is needed for this happen? Looking ahead, it appears that awareness is the key to achieving legalization. With cannabis advocates continuing to make residents and the government more aware of the benefits of legalizing marijuana in 2018, including taking it out of the hands of organized criminals and creating tax revenue, the process is likely to lead to legal reform soon. Of course, the politicians will still have to be in favor of change and willing to shift their views to reflect those of many other parts of the world, including several U.S. states that have legalized medical and recreational cannabis use.

Best Online Seed Banks for Buying Marijuana Seeds in United Kingdom 2018: MSNL Seedbank [Read Review]
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