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Grasscity Review 2018

Grasscity - Online Headshop, The Netherlands.

Reputation 8/10
Products 8/10
Service 8/10
Website 9/10
Payment 9/10
Shipping 6/10
Overall 8/10

Grasscity is an online headshop based out of Netherlands that has been selling smoking and marijuana accessories for over a decade. Over the years they have grown into one of the biggest players in the marijuana accessories business and have a thriving community more than half a million marijuana lovers from around the world. However, this massive growth has come at a cost and their customer service and overall product quality seems to have suffered. In this review, we discuss Glasscity's business operation, product selection, logistics, custom service and a number of other things that will help you get a clear picture about the company.

Grasscity Reputation and History Review

If you look at the reviews on major marijuana discussion forums and reviews sites, Grasscity seems to have a decent reputation with most customers considerably happy with their service and products, however, there are enough negative reviews particularly from customers in the US that raise some serious questions about their service and as a result, their reputation has taken a hit. The growing number of negative reviews of on major marijuana forums has discouraged lots of customers from shopping through Grass City. Azarius Headshop. Might be a better alternative to Grasscity.

Grasscity Product Selection Review

One thing that not many other headshops can compete with is Grasscity's massive collection of accessories. The product selection is a comprehensive one and includes everything from grinders and rolling papers to glass bongs, pipes, oil rings and bubblers. Other products such as hand pipes, water pipes, recyclers, concentrate accessories, dabbers, and nails are also available in a wide variety. Due to the scale of their business, Grasscity has been able to form alliances with major brands such as RAW, Bulldog, and Mascotte for rolling papers, Storz & Brickel and PAX for vaporizers and Grace Glass, Weed Star, Black Leaf, and many other leading glass artist collectives.

Due to these collaborations, Glasscity is always coming up with new discounts and offerings with great prices. Members can get special discount coupons for being loyal and bulk buyers get additional price reductions. One thing that we have noted after going through a number of customer reviews of Grass city is that some of their products are not up to the mark considering their price. More specifically, their glass products have received a number of complaints lately.

Grasscity Payment Options

Grasscity accepts all major credit cards including MasterCard and Visa and American Express. Other payment options include iDeal, and they recently added bitcoin support as well. Cash orders and bank transfers are not accepted anymore since they have updated their policy. More importantly, PayPal is not supported which is a big question mark since many customers prefer to pay through PayPal due to its added security in case something goes wrong with their order. As for security, they have a very thorough system in place with SSL protection and encryption.

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Delivery, Logistics and Packaging Review:

Grasscity supports international delivery providing two options to the customers: Standard International Mail (No tracking number) and a more expensive Registered International Mail (with tracking number). They use national postal services such as USPS, Royal Mail, TNT/La Poste etc. for international shipping. Exact shipping costs depend on the weight but the prices are generally competitive although the delivery time is on the slow side with 10 days as a minimum time of delivery. During holidays, their delivery time can go up drastically so this is something to consider when ordering items during holidays.

Their packaging and billing are secure and discreet but there have been several cases where customers have reported to have received broken items or wrong items. Other customers have reported cases where they ordered multiple items but received only a few of them. This might be attributed to the fact that they have two separate warehousing facilities - one in the Netherlands and the other in the US - and synchronizing fulfillment of multiple items from these two facilities may sometimes lead to error. However, for such a big company this should not be an excuse and they definitely need to improve and streamline their logistics

Grasscity Customer Service and Support Review

Grasscity's customer service and support are usually very good but there have been many cases of customers reporting poor experience as well. Firstly, they do not offer customer support via phone, only email support is available which can be slow at times. Couple that with the time difference between their customers in the US, it can sometimes take weeks to resolve issues via email support. This is a major negative in my view especially for a company that likes to call itself the world's best online headshop.

There are many cases of customers reporting of ordering one thing and receiving another and when they asked for a refund, the company blamed them instead of accepting responsibility for their mistake. Similar cases have been reported by customers receiving broken or damaged items. Grasscity asks the customers to send photos of the items along with packaging and upon verifying, sends out a replacement in most cases. However, there have been cases where the customers were made to wait many weeks before they verified these claims. This lackluster handling makes for a very unpleasant experience.

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They have an insurance add-on which the customers can buy to get their shipments tracked however, the tracking numbers don't seem to work in many cases as reported by customers on different forums. Many customers have suffered long shipping times for products in many cases even after having paid for insurance and tracking. In cases where the item doesn't reach the customer, Grasscity can take up to 6 weeks to send the replacement which is an absurdly long time. There have been cases of customers reportedly receiving broken items or some items missing but the packaging box that the items arrived in was completely undamaged which clearly means something was wrong from Grasscity's logistics side.

These unhappy customers of Grasscity have been vocal on various marijuana forums and reviews sites and Grasscity is aware of all these problems but instead of fixing their system, they have been found guilty of posting fake reviews to defend themselves which is unethical and childish, to say the least. Their customer support team instead of resolving the problems and issuing refunds or replacement has reportedly been threatening and banning customers for using 'harsh' language during support emails.

When you are in the online retail business, this is not how angry and unhappy customers should be dealt with no matter how bad a customer's language is. Grasscity clearly needs to accept responsibility for their mistakes and improve their customer service and refund process.


To sum it up, as impressive as their product selection is, Grasscity has a long way to go if it wants to establish itself as a trusted and reliable online headshop. Massive improvements are needed in delivery, customer satisfaction, and product quality. Until then, we recommend our customers to avoid giving Grasscity any of their business and look for alternatives that are more trustworthy.

We personally vouch for as a better alternative that ships its accessories worldwide and has a physical store in Amsterdam which gives them an added layer of credibility. They are easily accessible via call and have a very good reputation among its customer base. You can read more about them in detail in our review.
Full review of Azarius: Azarius Review 2018

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Smartshop Amsterdam Azarius physical shop in Amsterdam. Might be a better alternative to Grasscity.


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