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Bonza Seeds Review 2018

Bonza Seeds - British Cannabis Seedbank.

Reputation 8/10
Seeds 8/10
Service 8/10
Website 7/10
Payment 8/10
Shipping 8/10
Overall 8/10

If you are shopping for cannabis seeds online, Bonza Seeds is likely to be a website that you will come across in your search. It is a safe shop that impresses us with its trustworthy reputation, a large range of seeds, and more. Here is the full 2018 Bonza Seeds review.

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About Bonza Seedbank

Bonza Seeds is a well-known seed bank based in the UK. It has been operating since 2009. It is like a mall of seeds where you can shop easily and quickly for single cannabis seeds. Buy a single seed from any strains you want in a Pick N' Mix format. Get as many or as few as you want at any time.

In conducting our Bonza Seeds review, we noted a major advantage of this online marijuana shop over many others. It is perfect when you want to mix and buy from more than one breeder without having to place different orders from different sites. Now you have a single convenient solution.

THC Snow THC Snow Purple Power Purple Power Blue Dream Blue Dream Sour Diesel Sour Diesel Headband OG Headband OG Big Bud Big Bud Grandaddy Purps Grandaddy Purps Mango Mango

Quality Seeds at

Of course, it's important that you get a quality product. The majority of web-based reviews for Bonza Seeds in 2018 are positive. Consumers write that they received the cannabis seeds they ordered online and that the strains were fresh. For growers seeking 2018 weed seeds that produce plants with high yields and potency, Bonza Seeds is great online seed bank to buy from today.

When you go on Bonza Seeds, you will notice there are a lot of breeders there but certainly not every single one that exists. The reason is that the online seed bank carefully selects which brands to carry and chooses only the highest quality seeds with the best genetics. A brand is only carried once it meets the seed bank's strict quality requirements.

Large Selection of Cannabis Seeds

The inventory is huge! There are more than 100 different brands, including all of the known brands you've come to love. There are feminized seeds, auto flowering, regular, and high-yield seeds, all in one convenient online platform.


While some seedbanks only carry one brand of seeds, Bonza Seeds has no such restriction. All of the top brands are here, from DJ Short, Dutch Passion, and La Plata Labs Seeds, to Mr. Nice, Nirvana Seeds, Serious Seeds, and World Of Seeds.


There are many different strains too so that there is something for everyone's tastes.
All single seeds come in individual and secure packages for you. Are you wondering if they will ship to you? Keep reading to find out!

White Cookies White Cookies Purple Kush Purple Kush Candy Cane Candy Cane Dark Angel Dark Angel Dwarf Low Flyer Dwarf Low Flyer Crown Royale Crown Royale Green Crack Green Crack Hash Plant Hash Plant

Shipping at

A highlight of this 2018 Bonza Seeds review is that they ship worldwide. But, please ensure it is legal to purchase their products where you reside; check your country and state laws to find out. If you order from a destination where the product conflicts with local laws, it is not the responsibility of Bonza Seeds, as per their site's Legal Disclaimer.

This seed bank uses professional packaging so that your seeds that reach you are still in great condition. All packages arrive disguised.

Price & Payment Options

Bonza Seeds accepts many payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Bitcoin.
We like that this company accepts Bitcoin, which not all competitors do! It's great to have a range of payment options available.

As for prices of the strains, they cost a little more than some competitors, but you always get high-grade seeds when you choose Bonza Seeds. You won't have to worry about stale seeds or not receiving what you ordered. There's something good to be said for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that. Plus, there are great 2018 promotions. You can get free seeds when you spend certain amounts on orders, which is a great bonus as you'd be making that order regardless of the freebies!

Super Lemon Diesel Super Lemon Diesel NYC Diesel NYC Diesel White Widow Max White Widow Max Blueberry Blueberry BGolden Nugget Golden Nugget Super Sour Berry Super Sour Berry Hash Plant Hash Plant Jack Herer Jack Herer

Customer Service at Bonza Seeds

Our Bonza Seeds review would not be complete without addressing the high level of customer service this seed bank provides to people from around the globe. There is a Chat Live feature that automatically pops up when you go to the website, which is great if you can't find a strain, have a question about how to place your order, or another issue. The responses are quick to your questions; the company responds in real time.

Alternatively, you can contact the company via a support ticket during working hours. Expect a response within about eight hours, which is less than the 1-2 day waiting period of many other seed banks online in 2018.

Bonza Seeds Review 2018 Conclusions

Bonza Seeds is a reputable company that offers a secure, simple process for buying single seeds in a Pick N' Mix format. The shopping experience is very convenient for growers worldwide who want to get a range of types of seeds in different strains from all of the best-known brands (breeders). When you want top quality cannabis seeds, we recommend you shop at Bonza Seeds.

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Online Seedbank Shipping Worldwide. Credit Cards accepted. Fast, Reliable, and Discreet.
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Reliable Canadian Brand. Shipping Worldwide. Bitcoin, Paypal and Credit Cards accepted.
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Reputation 10/10
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