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Azarius Review 2018, Headshop, smartshop and fresh seeds. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Since 1999 European
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When attempting to find a reliable way to obtain your seeds and marijuana accessories, you'll want to make sure that you do a little bit of research. Azarius is one of the leading cannabis seed banks in the industry and has been in the game for an impressively long period of time. At the same time, they ship all of their non-fresh products internationally. Is this company the right one for you? Below, you will find a comprehensive Azairus review for 2018, which will help you make your decision.

Best Alternatives for Customers Outside EU: MSNL Seedbank [Read Review]
Online Seedbank Shipping Worldwide. Credit Cards / Bitcoin accepted. Fast, Reliable & Discreet.
Crop King Seeds [Read Review]
Reliable Canadian Brand. Shipping Discreetly Worldwide. Bitcoin and Credit Cards accepted.
The complete list can be found at the bottom of this page.

Reputation and History Review

If you take the time to explore the history of Azarius, you will actually find that the company originated, thanks to a love story. A college boy and girl from the Netherlands came together in the early 1990s. Both were love-struck, due to their common love and interest in Mother Nature and how it can help humans. Eventually, their love and admiration led to the birth of Azarius. The company's first physical storefront was opened in 1999. The company's professionalism and topnotch service were unmatched and they quickly gained enormous fame.

As of 2018, employs more than 30 individuals and very little has changed. When performing a little bit of background research, you will find that the company's reputation could not be better. The mass majority of their reviews and customer testimonials are gloating and very positive.

Seed Selection and Quality - Review

When taking the time to explore Azarius's 2018 seed selection, you will find that it is massive and very satisfying! offers cannabis seeds from 25+ different breeders including some few awesome home made strains, In addition, Mushrooms and related accessories can be found in their Smartshop. Azarius has taken the time to select the very beast strains on the market and has opted to offer these to their consumers, As far as quality goes, this company offers the best of the best and no less! There are over 1,000 products to choose from. Although this initial made my head spin, I loved it too. Please be aware that all of these fresh products (seeds and mushrooms) are shipped to the EU only.
Azarius Seed Selection with more than 25 different cannabis breeders (EU Customers only).
Browse home made seeds (EU Customers only).
Azarius Smartshop Amsterdam with more than 2000 products, some products are shipped word wide. Products Selection Review

Although the company's seed selection is certainly massive and impressive, they do not stop there. In fact, this business offers many more products as well. I was overly impressed with the company's selection. I found that they offer everything I could ever need to enjoy my marijuana to the fullest. Many items are available, including Vaporizers, Bongs, Pipes, Grinders, Scales, Festival gear, Drugs tests, Books and many more!
Although fresh products like seeds and mushrooms are shipped to EU countries only, The rest of the products are shipped word wide!

Volcano Digit Solid Valve Volcano Digit RooR Vapor Roor Vapor Herborizer Sphere Herborizer Sphere EHLE Third Eye EHLE Third Eye

Portable Vaporizers And Bongs

One of the most impressive aspects of is their line of portable vaporizers. I found that their selection was very diverse and offered everything that I could have ever dreamed of! In fact, it could be said that I was in vape heaven. Their portable vaporizers are available in a wide variety of different price tags, which ensures that everyone will be able to find something for their specific budget.

They offer a few awesome discreet vaporizers, which are excellent and resemble asthmatic inhalers. I found these to be perfect, when I wanted to take a puff out in public. Suffice to say, nobody could tell the difference. The company's array of bongs is also very diverse. They offer everything from glass bongs to acrylic bongs.
Browse Vaporizers selection.
Browse Bongs Selection.

Mighty Vaporizer Mighty Vaporizer Firefly Vaporizer Firefly Vaporizer Magic Flight Box Magic Flight Box GEAR Chillaxer GEAR Chillaxer

Drug Tests EZ Test

Azarius offers many excellent products, but I cannot say enough good things about their EZ Tests. These tests aren't capable of testing your blood for drugs, you should already know whether or not they're there! Instead, these tests are capable of helping you determine the purity level of your stuff and whether or not your stuff is actually what you think it is.

Some EZ Drug Tests can test the presence of specific material like the EZ LSD Test and the EZ Ecstasy Test which is will turn positive for any presence of MDMA. Some other EZ drug tests can test the purity of specific material like the EZ Cocaine Purity Test and the EZ MDMA Purity Test. Whether you're trying to figure out if you got stiffed, or just want to experiment for fun, these tests are great.

Azarius Physical Shop Review

Although Azarius's online shop is great, Their Physical Store is even more amazing. Their shop is located in the Amsterdam City Center and I found that it offers an assortment of different items, including smart products and many strains of marijuana seeds! The experts, which staff the shop, were very helpful and guided me to exactly what I was looking for. The company just recently created a very awesome Vape Lab, With this new addition customers can experiment with a range of different vaporizers before making their decision.

If you live in the area, you would be a fool not to check out Their Storefront in person!
For more details, Visit Physical Store Online Page.

Smartshop Amsterdam Azarius physical shop in Amsterdam. Click for more details.

Customer Service Review

When taking the time to explore and review Azarius's website, you will find their statement, which tells consumers that customer service is very, very important to them. This is exactly how it should be! During my experience with the company and there representatives, it is certain that they excel in this area and offer many different contact methods, including contact form, PO Box, phone number and email address! I tried several of the methods and always received a quick response each and every time. In this category, I can't complain one bit!

Price and Payment Options Review

Azarius offer a variety of payment options including check, cash, money transfer, Bitcoin, or other forms of cryptocurrency. If you select cash payment, you must spend more than 25 euros with shipping costs being excluded from this amount. Azarius is not responsible for lost cash payments, so be sure to keep this in mind, before selecting this form of payment. Although credit card payments aren't available, I found that the other options were more than sufficient for my needs.

You must note that worldwide tracking may not be available on your order, which may be linked to the variety of shipping companies that Azarius utilizes. While the shipping costs vary based on the country that you reside in, you will receive a total, when you place your order.

If you select cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as a form of payment, you will receive an Instant 5% discount on your order, For Big Quantities orders you will get an addition discount. In addition, Many major discounts can be always found in special offers page, Some products are even put up for auction.
Go to Order info page.
Go to Special offers page. Azarius physical shop in Amsterdam. Headshop, Smartshop, Seedshop and more!

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods Review

As of 2018, Azarius offers a very discreet shipping method and the guarantee that your order will be shipped out within one day of after payment is cleared. This is an extraordinary service that cannot be denied, but do not forget about the amazing promise that all customer packages are 100% insured. If your package is lost during shipping, you will have the option of receiving another package with the same products or a refund.

Once you place your order, you will immediately receive a confirmation receipt in your email inbox. This confirmation will also contain information about the status of your order. If you select to pay for your purchase with cash, you must account for the delivery time, but once Azarius receives your cash payment, your order will be shipped out within one business day.

When doing business with the company, I found that their shipping time was fairly impressive! Everything arrived within 5-12 days with each order. Nobody wants to wait on their order to arrive and I never had to thanks to Azariuz.
It should be known that does not ship fresh products like seeds and mushrooms outside of the EU, The rest of the products are shipped word wide.
For more information, visit Order Info Page and Frequently asked questions page. Azarius smartshop in Amsterdam.

Conclusion, Azarius Review 2018

Overall, it is 2018 and Azarius is still at the top of their game! When it comes to my review, it couldn't be more positive. The company is very professional and offers a massive array of different products! Although their fresh products aren't shipped worldwide, we didn't find this to be an issue. The remainder of their products can be and you will enjoy them tremendously. I loved my transactions with the company and couldn't be happier!
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Best Alternatives for Customers Outside EU: MSNL Seedbank [Read Review]
Online Seedbank Shipping Worldwide. Credit Cards / Bitcoin accepted. Fast, Reliable & Discreet.
Crop King Seeds [Read Review]
Reliable Canadian Brand. Shipping Discreetly Worldwide. Bitcoin and Credit Cards accepted.

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