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Buying Marijuana Seeds in Canada 2018

Your Legal Guide to Growing, Using & Buying Cannabis Seeds in Canada.

O, Canada! Did you know that the nation of the far north was revolutionary in its laws on medical marijuana? Here are the details about Canadian laws on growing, using, and buying cannabis seeds in 2018. If you want to buy cannabis seeds in Canada, this guide will help keep you with understanding the legal boundaries.

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Marijuana Seeds Canada

Laws in Canada on Medical Marijuana

Interestingly, Canada was the first country in the world to legalize weed for medical use. The year was 2001, and it occurred after a ruling by the Canadian Court of Appeal that banning medical marijuana was unconstitutional. In R. v. Parker in 2000, an epileptic man could only obtain relief from his ailments by using cannabis; the Court found cannabis to be unconstitutional because it did not contain any exceptions for medical use.

The original act that allowed for medical cannabis was called the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations. Under these guidelines, patients could possess dried cannabis buds with a government-issued license approved by a doctor. At this time, there was one government supplier, but there were also licenses for patients to grow their own cannabis seeds or appoint a supplier.

Back then, only patients who had very severe conditions were covered by the medical cannabis law in Canada and some frequent illnesses that were also devastating were excluded. The additional problem was that the license application process was lengthy and convoluted.

By April of 2014, the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations ceased and was replaced with new guidelines called the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). This updated version is still in effect today.

Under current law, a patient can possess dried weed buds with a prescription from a Canadian physician and no license obtained through the government is required. A Canadian doctor can prescribe up to 5 grams per day and patients can obtain the buds from providers pre-approved by Health Canada. In 2015, the meaning of medical cannabis under the law was expanded by the Supreme Court of Canada to include brownies, oils, and teas.

In summary, you can legally possess and use pot for medical use in Canada. Of course, this activity is regulated by law, so patients must comply with the government-issued regulations. But what about recreational use? What are the Canadian laws in this area? Read on to find out!

Weed Seeds Canada

Can You Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada?

It is currently illegal to buy cannabis seeds in Canada for recreational use. Drug prohibition in Canada dates back to 1908 with the Opium Act. Cannabis was banned officially in 1923 when it became part of the Narcotics Drug Act's Confidential Restricted List. The inclusion came soon after international conferences that Canadian officials attended, including the League of Nations meetings; these gatherings likely prompted, at least partially, the prohibition of cannabis in 1923.

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If you are buying cannabis in Canada for medical purposes, the provider must be authorized by Health Canada to sell or provide dried marijuana, fresh weed, or cannabis oil to patients who meet the requirements. A list of authorized licensed producers under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations is available on the Health Canada website.

Health Canada uses a range of enforcement tools to ensure compliance. For providers who do not comply by the MMPR, their licenses may be suspended or revoked, and they risk prosecution. In 2018, there are about 300 medical weed dispensaries that are operating illegally from west to east coast, and law enforcement is targeting them.

Some of these pot shops, also known as "compassion clubs," are seeking approval under municipal bylaws. For people looking to buy cannabis in Canada, there is no guarantee that the pot being sold has a legal origin, is high quality, or has been safely grown.

The dispensaries do not have to follow standards. Be aware! This point is another reason to choose online providers, such as the three we listed above. The local dispensaries are likely getting the weed from a black market that exists in Canada.

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Canadian Laws on Growing & Using Cannabis Seeds in Canada

If you have documents from the Canadian government that says you can grow marijuana seeds for medical use, then you may do so legally. A British Columbia judge made the ruling in early 2016 that medical cannabis users can grow pot at home.

However, growing cannabis seeds in Canada in 2018 for recreational purposes is prohibited. The mandatory minimum sentence is two years for cultivating weed for one's own use.

For patients, stay within the legal limits to avoid penalties under law. Also, individuals who obtain medical marijuana from licensed providers are not allowed to let others smoke their weed, grow weed, import or export cannabis or cannabis seeds, or produce derivatives, such as resin or hashish.

Cannabis Culture in Canada: Facts & Figures

Currently, in 2018, there are 70,000-80,000 people who are legally allowed to consume cannabis for medical purposes. While some patients grow their own cannabis seeds in Canada, others use Licensed Providers. Likely, the number of medical users will continue to grow across the country, and Health Canada officials agree, with their prediction that about ten times the number of medical patients will exist by the year 2024.

As for how many Canadians have used weed at least once in their lifetime (for recreational or medicinal reasons), a recent survey indicated about 44 percent have done so. In Canada, marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug. About 22 percent of youth (15-24 years old) used cannabis in 2013, as per Statistics Canada's survey titled Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Survey. This number was more than double use by adults 25 years of age and older (8 percent).

Many people in Canada mistakenly believe that cannabis has been decriminalized or legalized in the country, although this fact is not true. Part of the reason for this misconception is that weed laws are changing just south of the country in the United States and also because of the changing laws on medical use within Canada, which do not apply to recreational smoking.

Marijuana Seeds Canada

Should Marijuana Laws in Canada Change?

About 60 percent of all Canadian drug charges are connected to cannabis or cannabis seeds. And, as if that's not enough, nearly half of all of these cases have been withdrawn, discharged, or dismissed. Yes, the cannabis laws in Canada appear to be taking up a lot of efforts of police, lawyers, and judges, with no real effective action coming out of it. And that's not even mentioning the efforts of the military and security units.

It all seems a bit useless, doesn't it? It is costly too! The 2002 Senate report estimated that the yearly cost of marijuana to law enforcement and the criminal justice system was in the neighborhood of $300 million-$500 million. This amount is not only outrageous given the low number of convictions but also because of the minor social consequences and potential health benefits of weed.

Think about this: Many of the costs of cannabis involve keeping it illegal! By decriminalizing pot, perhaps Canada could save a lot of money and work at lessening the nation-wide debt instead.

The Canadian Government's Views on Cannabis in 2018

Canada has certainly taken a softer approach to prosecuting cannabis than the U.S., especially after the U.S. declaration of a war on drugs. Canadian jail rates are much lower than in the U.S.

Under the current Liberal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the plan is to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana. This activity is likely to happen in the spring of 2017. Legalization is not the same as decriminalization, although many Canadians confuse the two terms.

Legalization refers to regulating the sale of cannabis. Currently, cannabis is illegal under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). The CDSA will stay in effect until legalization laws are officially passed by the government. To date, the Liberal government has not released details of how the legislation will unfold.

However, Trudeau has said several times that the regulating the sale and supply of weed will have positive impacts in Canada, including taking it out of the power of organized crime groups and enabling the government to apply taxes to it. The taxes could be as much as $2 billion in Canada if weed were legalized! Putting off this decision is only costing Canada money. As well, guidelines could be set to keep it away from children. An increase in public safety, therefore, is a big reason for the push to change the legislation.

The announcement to legalize and regulate marijuana came officially from a speech by Health Minister Jane Philpott at the United Nations General Assembly in 2016 in New York. It was good timing considering the date of the speech was April 20 or "420" as weed connoisseurs know the date. The legal changes will be part of a more modern system that also includes more safe injection sites, amongst other modifications.

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2018 Laws: Possessing Weed in Canada

If you are found with marijuana on you, and you do not have medical documents to support your possession of the drug, you are breaking the law in Canada. Possession violates the CDSA.

However, there are Canadian marijuana activists that say simple possession arrests should cease because the federal government has indicated that weed legalization is coming soon (likely in 2017). These advocates explain that cannabis-related offenses are burdening the criminal justice system and creating criminal records for Canadians.

The opposition explains that the laws are still on the books, meaning people are still subject to penalties for possessing cannabis seeds. Regarding the number of weed possession-related situations reported by police in Canada, there were just over 57,000 in 2014, as per Statistics Canada. Of this number, there were about 24,500 arrests, which is about 1,000 less than in 2013.

There is dissension among Canadians though about how the law is applied to them. There appears to be the unequal administration of the law given that a person in Kelowna, British Columbia, or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is more likely to be charged with possessing weed than in Kingston, Ontario, or St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. Indeed, some police units may be targeting cannabis possession while others are giving it less attention.

Marijuana Charges & the Future of Canadian Laws

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) in Canada renders it illegal to possess, possess for the purpose of trafficking, traffic, import, or cultivate cannabis. The only exceptions are for medical use. The penalties vary by the amount of marijuana seized, the type of conviction, and the individual's criminal record.

Since 2001, cannabis for medical conditions has been available in Canada for people with certain illnesses. However, Canadians continue to use cannabis for personal reasons, with potential changes to come in 2017, as per the words of Justin Trudeau's government. How drug laws will change and affect cannabis use will be interesting to follow in the near future in Canada.

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