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Buying Marijuana Seeds in Australia 2018

2018 Laws on Using, Possessing, Growing, and Buying Cannabis Seeds in Australia.

Australia has experienced major changes in medical cannabis laws in 2018. Here is more about the legislation on buying cannabis seeds in Australia, as well as growing, using, and selling weed in the country. If you travel there or are a resident, this guide will hopefully serve as a useful reference. Always check local laws where you are for updates and to be safe.

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Weed Seeds Australia

History on Growing, Using, Selling, and Buying Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Restrictions on buying cannabis seeds and other activities relating to cannabis date back to 1924 in Australia at the Geneva Convention on Opium and Other Drugs. The decriminalization of marijuana for recreational use was proposed in the 1970s.

This movement received support from the 1978 New South Wales Joint Parliamentary Committee on Drugs. However, no legal changes happened because of opposition from the 1979 Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry into Drugs, who stated that decriminalizing weed would conflict with the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Currently, Australia has a National Drug Strategy, which is its federal drug policy regarding criminal sanctions and favors harm minimization. Overall, Australia does not have a severe system for drug offenses; instead, the focus has been on reducing harm and using treatment strategies within the law enforcement system.

Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Australia?

As of recently, the answer is yes. The use, production, manufacturing, and distribution of medical marijuana is legal at the federal level in Australia in 2018, provided that you meet a few stipulations. On February 24, 2016, the Australian parliament passed legislation approving medical marijuana use by people with chronic, severe health conditions.

The Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 was amended to allow for cannabis to be grown for the purpose of manufacturing medicinal weed products in the country. The update came after a suggestion proposed by Malcolm Turnball's federal government and was supported by the main opposition party.

Under the new regulations, patients who have a valid prescription can use and possess medical cannabis grown in Australia. An additional requirement is that the weed must have been approved under the Therapeutic Goods Act and comply with laws in the relevant state and territory. A national regulator will track medical weed products on behalf of the government from the growing stage to supply, and restrict any criminal activity.

The change to the legislation of medicinal cannabis came one year after Daniel Haslam died from bowel cancer. He had used medical weed to get relief from his pain and nausea before he passed away in February of 2015. Following his death, his mother Lucy started a group called United in Compassion to petition for the legality of medical cannabis.

Still pending are changes for the Government of Victoria and Government of New South Wales. The Victorian Government has stated that it will legalize medical marijuana in 2017 and give first access to the cannabis to children with epilepsy. As for the Government of New South Wales, this notable body is continuing its research on the substance with trials of chemotherapy patients suffering from vomiting and nausea. NSW is considered one of the toughest states on cannabis from a legal viewpoint.

Marijuana Seeds Australia

Australian Legislation on Growing Cannabis

While there are changes to buying cannabis seeds in Australia for medicinal purposes in 2018, there are no modifications to the laws on cultivating and smoking cannabis. It remains illegal to grow and use marijuana in Australia for recreational use. Cannabis is a Schedule 9 Drug there.

Regarding the penalties for cannabis laws, they differ by state and territory. In South Australia (SA), growing one non-hydroponic plant for which you had to buy cannabis seeds will result in a fine between $50 and $150. This fine must be paid within two months.

If you are found with two non-hydroponic plants in Northern Territory (NT), a fine of $200 is what you must pay, while the fine is only $100 if you do the same activity in Australian Capital Territory (ACT). As for how long you have to pay the fine, ACT has a 28-day deadline while NT gives you 60 days to pay it. Although cannabis is still illegal in ACT, this territory has decriminalized minor pot offenses; the penalties for small amounts of marijuana was brought into legislation there in 1993.

Legal Guide: Buying Cannabis Seeds in Australia in 2018

For Australians and travelers to the country, cannabis for recreational use is still illegal today. But you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia online, provided you choose a reputable source. Here are our top three choices:

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Be aware that buying cannabis seeds in Australia and then getting caught possessing, using, or selling cannabis is illegal as per the federal government. Always review the local laws where you live to ensure you understand the potential repercussions of non-compliance.

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Possessing, Using, and Selling Marijuana: What Does Australian Law Say?

The possession and distribution of cannabis for recreational purposes is prohibited in Australia. By law, Australians must stop and refrain from either activity in 2018.

The criminal sanctions for possession and selling weed seeds vary by state and territory. If you are in South Australia, for example, you will find the most relaxed penalties of any state in the country. If you are caught possessing 100 grams of cannabis or 20 grams of hash or having the cannabis-related equipment, you will be given a $50-$150 fine to pay within 60 days.

In ACT, possession of 25 grams of weed for recreational use will land you a $100 fine, which must be paid within 60 days. If you have 60 grams of marijuana on you or 10 grams of cannabis seeds or hash in Northern Territory, your fine is $200, with payment due within 28 days.

Are you going to New South Wales? You will get a caution for the possession 15 grams of cannabis there, and the police allow you up to two cautions before a criminal penalty is given. Possessing 50 grams of pot in Queensland is a minor offense, with diversion being the sanction doled out. The diversion programs set up in parts of Australia are meant to address the underlying causes of the drug issues and encourage offenders to take responsibility for their drug-related problems.

In Western Australia, you will face the strictest possession penalty in the country. If police catch you with 10 grams of marijuana, you will either get a $2,000 fine or two years of jail time. If you possess under 10 grams, the sentence is for mandatory attendance at a one-on-one counseling appointment.

In Victoria, if you are caught using marijuana and possess 50 grams, you will only get a caution; there is a two-caution limit. Tasmania has a similar caution system, although the caution limit is three times in 10 years.

Marijuana Seeds Australia

Cannabis Culture in Australia

As per the Australian Drug Foundation, about 35 percent of Australians who are 14 years and older have tried cannabis at least once in their lives. About 10 percent of these people have used cannabis within the past year. Typically, the age at which they first tried the substance was 17 years old.

In 2015, the year before the legalization of medical marijuana in Australia, a Roy Morgan poll was conducted and its results indicated the overwhelming support by Aussies for legalizing medical cannabis. A huge 91 percent majority voted in favor of this use for seriously ill patients.

Are you wondering about prices if you were to buy cannabis seeds locally in Australia? For A$200-$300, you can likely find cannabis grown indoors, while the outdoor variety will sell for about A$200-$230.

For growers of cannabis seeds in Australia, the seedlings can typically start indoors in October. Then, after a few weeks, it's springtime in the Aussie world so the marijuana plants can go outdoors. Harvests typically begin in March and run through May in regions with seasonal temperature changes.

In milder regions of Australia, cannabis seeds can grow any season of the year outdoors, giving growers up to four harvests in a single year. However, Australian outdoor growers are generally plagued by issues with the intense sun and inability of the plants to handle scorching temperatures. The cannabis buds may also be susceptible to mold.

Conclusion of the Australian Legal Guide to Cannabis

Buying cannabis seeds in Australia, as well as the possession, use, and sale of cannabis is illegal under federal law. The penalties for engaging in these marijuana activities, however, vary by state and even between different territories. The status of medical marijuana in Australia underwent a major change in 2018, and the results will be seen in full for the economy and patients over the next few years. Always check the specific laws where you reside or travel in Australia to avoid criminal penalties.

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