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Buying Marijuana Seeds with PayPal

Everything You need to know about buying cannabis seeds with PayPal.

In 2018, the ability to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal is currently limited to a very few providers. Most seed banks and companies that sell cannabis seeds prefer to use Bitcoin, due to its high level of privacy and security.

There are pros and cons to every payment method, of course, but PayPal is a viable option for many, allowing for great flexibility in payment methods and a high level of buyer security. Some of the reasons you might want not want to use a credit card are the same reasons you should use a third-party payment gateway like PayPal.

It is private and secure, and you can customize your payments so that they don't show up on your credit card or in your bank account - great if you require the peace of mind that comes with keeping your private business to yourself! The cons are that PayPal takes a higher than average commission, which limits the number of sellers that are willing to accept payment through this method. They also load the buyer up with protection plans, even when it might not be necessary.

Buy Cannabis Seeds with Paypal

Trusted and Secure Payment Gateway

PayPal is not a payment method, it is a payment gateway. You connect your payment methods to your PayPal account, from which you can pay for items using credit cards, debit cards, check cards or from a balance that you have pre-loaded into your account. They currently do not accept Bitcoin, but pretty much every other credit card or method of payment can be connected to your account. When you make a purchase, the funds are taken from your chosen source of payment. The advantages to using PayPal for any type of online purchase is that it is secure and private, your purchase is guaranteed, and you don't necessarily need to have a credit card to use it.

You Don't Need a Credit Card for PayPal

You can deposit money into your PayPal account if you do not have a credit card. This is done through a process of connecting your PayPal account to your bank account, which might take a few days to set up. It's pretty simple to accomplish, but takes more time than a credit card because of the process you have to go through: once you have entered your bank account information, PayPal will deposit a small amount into your bank (usually a few cents). Once you receive the deposit, you will be required to go back into your PayPal account and enter the transaction number to confirm, and then you will be all set to purchase cannabis seeds, or whatever you like from web stores that accept PayPal.

Complete Privacy and Security

You can pre-load money into your PayPal account from your bank account if you do not want your transaction to appear on a credit card or bank statement. It isn't a question of legality, as purchasing cannabis seeds is legal, but you may want to keep your purchase private for any number of reasons. Simply deposit money into your PayPal account from your credit card or associated bank account, and make the purchase using that balance. That way, the only person who will see the company information is you and you alone, ensuring complete confidentiality in every transaction.

PayPal also offers every buyer a guarantee that what they purchase must be received as agreed, and as described by the seller. If for some reason you purchase cannabis seeds with PayPal and do not receive them, you may ask for and receive a full refund.

Crop King Seeds. Crop King Seeds, Homemade Premium Strains. Bitcoin, Paypal and Credit Cards Accepted.

Cannabis Seed Banks and PayPal

The vast majority of seed banks do not like to deal with PayPal for several reasons. The commissions are high, due to it being a third-party gateway, and it is not as efficient or secure as Bitcoin. Most seed banks prefer to do business in Bitcoin or deal directly with the customer via credit card.

In fact, the only well-known seed bank that offers PayPal as an option is Crop King Seeds. Luckily for the buyer, Crop King is one of the best-known and best quality seed banks in the world. They accept payment in Bitcoin, credit cards and PayPal, and are known to have the greatest selection and best quality seeds. They ship from Canada all over the world, and are committed to a high level of customer service, guaranteeing not to leave your inbox until you are completely satisfied with your purchase. You may spend a great deal of time researching current seed banks to find one who accepts PayPal, but you can do yourself a favor and save a lot of time by checking out Crop King Seeds today. It's very likely you won't have to look any further!

Buying Cannabis Seeds through PayPal and Crop King

When buying from a well-known seed bank like Crop King Seeds, you won't need any buyer protection! These dudes will re-send lost packages and even replace seeds that have viability issues (which is by their standards, very rare). They are committed to your complete satisfaction, and will address any issue with regard to delivery or quality both promptly and efficiently. They are famous in cannabis seed buying circles for their selection and quality, and are very knowledgeable about their product. Any requests for information or service will be promptly attended to with great care, friendliness and professional attention to every detail. If PayPal is your preferred way to buy cannabis seeds online, Crop King Seeds should be your first and only stop.
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Crop King Seeds Crop King Seeds. Worldwide stealth shipping. Bitcoin, Paypal and Credit Cards Accepted.

It's All About Options

In conclusion, there are many payment options to consider when buying cannabis seeds online. Only you can decide which one is right for you. Buying cannabis seeds with PayPal is a choice that is not offered by every seed bank, but if that is the way you choose to go, at least you have a quality option with Crop King Seeds. If you like to give yourself a variety of choices in payment methods, and if your privacy is as important as the security of your transaction, PayPal might be right for you.

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